Monday, May 16, 2011

Irish Summers

Another cold and windy start to the day :(  I hope we have not our summer already!

It means we will spend much of the day again watching the comings and goings of this wee fellow.  He is a Hooded Crow apparently I am not much of a bird person but MIL is and it sits on that spot every day, taking in its surroundings and watching the world go by.  Occasionally, he sits on the wire near the back door which i wish i could catch so I could get a better photo....this one was cropped twice in Picnik so I could get a good picture. but most of the time, he sits on that flimsy looking branch.  He is sometimes joined by a friend.  We have decided that it is his girlfriend/wife although I have to admit, I have always missed them getting together.  Looking out now, he hasn't arrive yet so maybe he is getting some food.  I hope he pops by today.

I think much of today for me will consist of reading this ..

The PassageI am only 100 pages in at the moment and so far it is very good.  It is based on vampires but not in the Twilight sense of the world, thankfully.  The story is told from a lot of different perspectives but they are all 'bound together in ways they cannot comprehend'.  I picked it up on recommendation from SFX magazine and  I think they described it as a horror.  So, it should keep me occupied anyway.

In the 10 minutes it took me to write the last paragraph, the boss has suggested we take a spin to the craft shop down the road in Spiddal  An Siopa Bui yay.....I will let u know what it is like.....and if I managed to leave anything in the shop lol

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