Thursday, May 19, 2011

The holiday is nearly over :(

But the upside to this, is that tomorrow, I will get to see my 2 beautiful doggies.  I cannot wait.  They have been staying with their family while we have been in Galway, at my parents.  They love going there.  They get to see lots of dogs my parents have 7....a story for another day and they have lots of land to run around instead of our rather pathetic square of grass at the back. I also know that they are well looked after so...THANKS MUM AND DAD xxxxxxx
The downside that I will have to go back to work soon....luckily, I go back to nights so I am not due back until Friday night..yay.  Hopefully, I will have a parcel from Elles Studio waiting for me, so a few days to play with that.  Can't wait.

The holiday has been very relaxed..lots of games Trivial Pursuit is a favourite but we seriously need some new questions at this stage , reading, crafting, a bit of walking, a couple of meals out, cooking and a huge dollop of battery recharging.  Very successful, me thinks.  It is also nice to spend some time with the inlaws as well.

My trip to the craft shop was good.  I picked up some Sassafras stickers and paper, a copic pen, a letter J and some Gorjuss twisted Decoupage.  I love Gorjuss and I have already made a card using it 

I don't use Decoupage often but I quite like the look of the twisted so I will definately be doing it again.
As for the shop itself, it is great.  Lots of different stuff in there..I thought I was very good but I am planning to go back today to pick up a couple more things.  It is one a few homemade craft shops in Spiddal Craft Centre and they have some beautiful stuff in them.  There is weaving, pottery, jewellery, art, glass making and everyone is really friendly.  I would definately recommend a visit if you were ever visiting Galway. 

Right, I am off to pack and hound the boss to see what time we are leaving for more spending! 

I am also wondering if anyone knows if I can transfer my blog to another Google account...I have to open this in my old account but my reader is in the account that I now use regularly and I would like to combine the 2.  At the moment, it looks like I will have to open a new blog but if anyone can help......? Thanks

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