Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Hols indeed

So, I finally get my modem sorted on Thursday, only to find Blogger is down!  However, I was still able to read and it was great to be back in the web world.

The holiday is going great. Very relaxed and .....wet! Of course, we have beautiful weather over here for weeks and then, as soon as the inlaws arrive, we are back to the traditional Ireland summer.  O well! The view is gorgeous. Above is part of the view from the kitchen window and it is great for playing with my camera. I am currently doing Shimelles Love your Pictures class and am finally learning how to use my camera.  I will post some of my trials later on but I am really pleased so far.  It is annoying though that I have had my point and shoot for over 5 years now and am only just finding out how good it actually is! Still, it can only strengthen my case for a DSLR if I start taking great pictures over the next week this was always the bargain with the boss, learn to use what I have first!!!!

So, I am surrounded by great views, pubs, shops, activities. What have u been doing for the past week Jayne?, I hear u ask!  I have been sitting in the lounge surrounded by paper and card.  And, I have to say, I have scrapped like I have never scrapped before.  I have managed 5 LOs so far......5! That has to be a record for me I know that is mere peanuts to a lot of u....maybe I am finally finding my mojo! And, I have made 3 cards.  Galway must surely be spreading the creative joy.  I wonder if I could bottle it and take it back to Leitrim with me?
I certainly think that NSD helped as it was great to have something to aim towards.  Which brings me onto my first LO which I did for Shimelles first challenge

Oh! That is not the one....but I don't seem to have taken a picture of the one I wanted to post yet. Oops!
I did this one before I left! The paper is fact everything is Sassafras now I come to look at it.  The pictures are from our wedding reception.  The hotel had laid out apertifs and I thought that one of them looked like a nipple o dear, the benny hill generation! and was demonstrating this to people when our photographer the boss's Aunt, who |is a great photographer and did our pictures as a wedding gift said that she had to 'capture the image'.  Of course, the boss had to get in on the act.  I like that the pictures show how relaxed we seemed to be i dont know if that was the alcohol or the fact that the ceremony was over lol. A very simple LO but I like how with alot of Sassafras, u don't need to complicate things because the papers speak for themselves.

O dear, it has just started raining and the mob are all off to play golf in a little while.  I am off to stiffle my giggles so cruel to laugh at others misfortune,especially when I am staying in hee hee and I will be back later to post a few more LOs, pictures and get excited about Jedward  Eurovision tonight.

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  1. 5 LO's? You have been busy. Hope you're having a lovely relaxing time :)