Saturday, May 14, 2011

Challenge 5

The family have all gone to golf for the afternoon, so that leaves me here with the football (yay) and the computer. Happy Days. I do hope the weather holds for them.

Ok, I am jumping to Challenge 5 because I had a little play with Picnik for the first time and isn't it great? I can sense a lot of my pictures being suddenly put through their paces.

This is the photo that I decided to use.

It was taken in the garden at the cottage and I was playing with the manual setting on my camera for the first time.  I am actually quite happy with the picture as it is, because I think it really shows what the camera can do.  My point and shoot is a Sony Cybershot 5.1 DSC-P100 just out of interest.

Above is the Picniked is that a word??? one.  I titled it 'a windy day' because it was quite windy (!) and I found that by setting the camera to 'sports', the pictures came out better.  I love how the colours come out on this picture. I used Auto fix to begin with, which gave the picture its more natural colouring.  After that, I did a bit of saturation and temp control and something else......mmmm, how can I not remember this already?  Either way,  I can honestly say that I am very proud of myself smug grin on my face that no one can see...probably a good thing I am on my own as I also feel a little happy dance developing as well!!! and this picture will definately be scrapped either when I get home as I can't print here I wasn't allowed to bring my printer...apparently that was a bit too much 'stuff' :( or digitally if I can figure out how to use my trial Photoshop Elements 9 properly

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  1. I'm liking both the original and the edited photo - I haven't had a chance to play following Shimelle's challenge yet, but hopefully will soon. Looking forward to seeing the LO's you have been making :)