Sunday, May 15, 2011

Behind the Smile

Challenge 4 completed this morning.  Involved a lot of pencil and rubber dust! I still think I could have told the story better but I can elaborate on some points with different photos, which may be better because I can go into more detail then oh, just had a great idea for a photo of the boss, just as i wrote that sentence :)
The picture is me arriving at the hotel for my wedding.  I quite like the picture and thought it would make a good starting point to give a small description of the lead up to the day which had been rough to say the least.  Basically, my sisters children couldn't come because Ryanair require passports to fly and they changed that after the flights had been booked and it was too late to get some sorted.  My sister was nearly a casualty the tears we cried the day she told me were rivers..oceans even.  but thanks to her husband taking the week off to look after the kids he doesn't come over usually she was able to come over on her own.  1 bridesmaid down but only minor disaster
Then, 2 days before the big day, the boss fell ill.  He cannot cope with huge amounts of stress and, with the wedding and a very bad bout of flu which he didn't give himself time to recover from, he ended up in hospital for the night.  He got out the next day thankfully but we had to call an ambulance and it certainly gave the locals something to talk about they joked that it had been called for him and when they found out later it was true, I found it quite amusing...sick sense of humour I have in times of stress.
So, trying not to worry about him and the best man under strict instructions to keep an eye, I organised myself in the morning at my parents, for the mother to get a phonecall from the Aunt, telling us that Nanny had died that morning she had been quite ill and wasn't coming due to living in Sweden! All in all, anything that could go wrong, did go wrong but the wedding was good, the weather was great I told everyone (and my grandad who I phoned later) that it was Nan who had at least made it to the wedding after all! and noone was any the wiser unless I told them. 

I used Scenic Route paper and Banana Frog 'butterflies and swirls' stamps. The brown on the paper was done using acylic paint....a mixture of blue, ochre, violet and white.  I used the rest of that on a Maya Road chipboard tag, which I made into the embellishment on the left of the photo swirls stamped onto it, a couple of gems then a circle of coredination and v&a paper distressed topped with a button and gem.  I am quite proud of it and am going to be cheeky and enter that into the embellishment challenge on 2peas.

On the subject of 2peas, here is the LO I entered into the sketch challenge..

the one I intend to enter into the stamp challenge..

and the one I had originally done for challenge 1 but will now use for the handwriting challenge...

Below are 2 other LO that I have done this week, which I was intending to put a bit of journalling on was getting some info from the sister but I am not so sure now.  What do u think?


  1. Gorgeous LO of your wedding, and what an eventful day it was! Looks like you've been busy scrapping this week!

    If you think the LO's are missing something, add the journalling, but I think they look just right as they are :) if you don't want to forget something you could always right the journalling on the back of the LO? Gem x

  2. Some of the best weddings I have been to have had disasters happen on the day! No wonder it took so long to write it all down. I am so impressed with the number of Lo's you have managed to make in a week. Thanks for posting on my blog.