Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Scrapbooking Day....

....although I know I am a day late but since 2peas are running a weekend of challenges, I figured it would be ok.  The problem with it being this weekend is that today, I am off on hols.  So, no scrapping has been done yet.  However, all the challenges have provided me with some work to do for the first week which has helped me pack my stash for the trip.  I have managed to whittle it down to 2 bags and would show u a picture of my achievement which it is, not packing the whole room but I cannot find the camera and have now just started panic mode!!!!!
The upside to packing 'light' is that there is a craft shop where I am going......Spiddal, if anyone is roll on Thursday...payday.....when I can buy some more stash the boss groans and I can get back online I have a pay as u go modem/stick that I use on nights but forgot to buy some more for it so am internetless for 3 days :(

The inlaws are already there and the view is good so hopefully plenty of photo ops.  The FIL has also brought an old film camera with him so I am looking forward to having a nose at that. 

Ok, I would love to talk more but the boss is hollering at me to pack....yep, all night it took me to pack 2 bags worth of stash....half an hour it will take for me to throw some clothes together!!!!!

Hopefully, I will have some great pics to share later in the week and hopefully, the weather will pick up here again :)

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  1. Hope you have a lovely time away, and get some scrapping done too! Happy belated Scrapbooking Day!