Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I realise how time flies....

I did this LO at the weekend.  Thought it would be a good one for todays prompt considering I sat with the picture for  an hour, writing and rewriting my memories of the reason for the photo.

It was only when I uploaded this photo and relooked at it, that it dawned on me that it was nearly 19 years ago!
OMG....while it doesnt feel like yesterday, it certainly shouldnt be that long. I refuse to look at the rest of my pictures today.... I may get hit by a sense of what did I do with all that time. mind you, i am pleasantly cheered by how unchanged I look ....clothes and 2 stone withstanding!!!

Incase anyone is wondering, I was famous for my hats and Docs when I was at school and equally famous for my lack of girly wear so the skirt was a bit of a departure for me.....designed for effect considering it was my birthday party lol.  There is a whole story around the buying of the outfit, a little of which I got on the LO but not a lot (needless to say, I hated the shopping and was dragged around Bury St Edmunds shops by clothes loving friends.).  Doing this LO though has certainly inspired me to fish out the other photos I have and even ask my friends if they remember anything about the party

(Just looked at the photo again and u probably cannot make out my feet ...I assure u they are Docs.....or probably monkey boots which were my 'training wheels' so to speak)

Talking of hats, I have just knitted my first hat successfully.  I will post a picture of it when I finally get around to taking a photo......consider this piece of information permission for some hounding if anyone is interested in seeing it and I forget (which is quite likely!)


  1. What a cute layout and fun memory to document. I, too, often wonder where the time went! Thanks for stopping by my blog on my blogiversary. "See" you in class.

  2. Adorable layout! Scrapping old pictures is fun!

  3. Great layout, isn't it fun to pull out older pictures for scrapping sometimes :) I haven't done that in a while!

  4. Hello, classmate! Love the layout and the story behind it :-) I wore Docs right through 6th form and university - I would often wear them with a skirt, though!