Friday, March 25, 2011


....Fox have picked up a full season of Fringe ( I love that series....Walter is fabulous. There was so much speculation of cancellation when they moved the time slot in the US but i can rest easy and enjoy the rest of the current season now.

....there is a date announced for the new series of Torchwood ( Shame it is a US transmission date.....when will we get to see it....Torchwood is ours...(sorry America, I am awful sentimental about British made sci fi, especially anything from the Dr Who cannon)

.....since we are on the subject of the good Dr......APRIL 23rd.......thats..hang on..let me just ask the human computer that is the boss..... 29 days......I dont think I can contain my excitement....although I have just been warned I had better or the Sky + might just break on that day..!

O, the little things that make a happy Friday......I sure need it. I am working all weekend, with no opportunity to do any craft at all, or possibly even check the computer, so that is fairly depressing!

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  1. Great news about Fringe! I love that series, too.