Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So, I have finally managed to convince my slow, 10 year old computer that it likes uploading things.....i will wait, I promise!! ( And I promise not to mention the L word (laptop!!!) again in front of u again in the vain hope that u will speed up out of pity for me.)

I have also managed to get up to date with my LSND journal.....woohoo.

I made it 10cm x 10cm, inspired by Shimelles use of tags as I figured the size would be more managable for me. It has also meant I have got the next 16 pages ready to go.....I may go all faint with the miracle of my organisation......or just admit I am on holiday from work this week!!!

Anyway, below are the last 4 pages of my journal with a little explanation under each. No need for me to explain what I have is fairly simple. Alternating flower and button embellishments on each page......patterned paper is 2 pages from same brand in 4 different colours....1 on each alternate page. The titles are mix and match, depending on the word I wish to highlight on the day.

Because I always print my prompts off

This is something I rarely do.....wear anything that is not jean material. It was actually quite comfortable although my legs felt a little naked for a while!!!

I have never been one to celebrate my birthday since my brother passed so close to it 12 years ago....I rarely tell people to be honest unless it comes up in conversation. But we went to to watch Liverpool Legends followed by a meal with some friends in the pub and since it was mentioned to a lot to people (by the boss!!) what the day was, we ended up staying longer and had a great time.

A few drinks (to cure the hangover u understand) lead to a few games of internet bingo....and I am not one to enjoy gambling to be honest....not even one armed bandits. Amazing what a few drinks can teach u!

I have a pair of jeans that I have been too scared to try since I put on a few pound this year. However, since the washing wasn't dry yet, I had no choice and surprisingly, they fit fine. Yippee!

Now, hopefully I will manage to get the rest of my pages up as the days go on. Or once I have stopped crying over this computer!!!!!!

As for my halfway lesson????? It has been very cathartic to actually scrap my thoughts rather than just write them and that for me is a lesson in itself!


  1. Your tags are looking good! Great idea to do them like this :) And well done on fitting in those jeans - what a lovely surprise!

  2. I like your pages/tags simple and to the point and they look really bright and cheerful