Thursday, September 16, 2010

More LSND pages....front - 9th!

The front cover....elements that will, hopefully, remain throughout the journal!

I have had my sewing machine for nearly 6 years and apart from the odd dabble on it, I have never made anything of note as I have just been too nervous of making mistakes......a common problem I find when trying new crafts! However, having completed the cross stitch for the boss's new niece, I wanted to make it into a blanket so had to bite the bullet. And after a few practice scraps, I was really pleased with the result. So, now the boss may actually get his peg bag .....the condition of him buying me the machine in the first place lol. (Cross stitch pattern comes from Cross Stitcher July issue incase anyone wondering!)

A lesson I need to relearn often. Am sick of repairing the nibs on my glues, paints etc just because I am too lazy to go and get one of the copious amounts of needles I own!

Nearly a year of marrriage and the boss still hadnt written his share of the thankyou cards. needless to say, it took me half an hour before I started work......why were they left for so long lol

I work in a respite house with disabled adults and I love it. But sometimes, the mix of residents can be hard, particularly when they are ones who want ur attention all the time so u have several in ur ear at once. So, while I had a good day, it was certainly a lesson that pops up often for me.....stop, count, smile.

Working today with a lady who can make me feel a bit useless (unintentionally I think). Having recently chatted about it, I resolved to just work and not question whether I was right by her standards. It worked and we had a great day.

Yes, I hate this computer...and will probably moan about it for weeks untill the boss gets to Carrick to fix my precious laptop with all my precious photos on (that I thought were on disc but cant seem to find anywhere !!!! )

This lesson was triggered by some sad news I heard about a friends relationship. It certainly reminded me that however big a pain the boss can be, I am very lucky to have him.

My shifts are usually 13 hours and I find I eat strangely as I do not have set break times either. However, that particular morning, after my 7am yogurt, I never got time to eat again till after 1pm and didnt notice till about 12. So, it just proved to me that I can last a bit longer without food as long as I eat the right things.

This is another work related lesson! I certainly wont bore u with this tale, although it served as a great lesson for my development in the workplace.

Ok, think am up to date apart from photographing yesterdays!

Off now to read todays prompt :)

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