Saturday, July 10, 2010

Were they really that young?

So, no colour cartridge means I have to start looking at the pictures I have lying around the house. And that means that I finally get around to scrapping my parents engagement picture that I 'stole' from them after they lent me a load of snaps to scan a couple of years ago. I like this picture because they look very happy.......and young!! They were younger than I am mother would say.....were they really that young????

I am getting a bit more confident at 'busy' papers now which is great (journal ur xmas helped me there.....getting the internet back helped even more!!!!) and am quite proud of this one.
Which is why it is such a shame that I dropped it up to the parents today as I did it as a gift for them....could have waited till October (35 dad reckons u get less for murder ha ha) but sure, there is no way I could hide it for that long!

mmmmmm....wonder if the uncle has any pictures of their wedding I could use to update their album i made them 2 years ago.......????

Anyway, not too sure about the new background I have. Since I have only just found the password to get back on here (I really need to start writing them down somewhere, had the same problem with as well...thats what I get for being offline for so long)....its all changed. Well, its got more complicated anyway...for me! ha ha. Guess I know what I am doing for the next few days while the rain pours!!!! (Well, I have to break from the crafts occasionally)
Now, where did I put my class notes......!

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