Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breaking the embellishment barrier

Yesterday, I actually finished a 12x12 LO.....my first in ages! (There is hope for the growing pile of WIPs yet :). )
It is the heaviest use of embellishment that I have ever done and think it may have broken my fear factor...yippee.
I used Sassafras Lass 'Indie Girl' paper and stickers which I absolutely love. The flowers are Prima which I have had in my stash for a while.
The 'YOU' was handmade.....drawn, painted with acrylic paint (I mixed several colours to get the shade...wish I had written down what though lol), covered in Glossy Accent which then cracked when I hadn't let it dry enough as I cut round the letters. Still, loved the effect it left. I inked round the letters with black ink to highlight them .
Unfortunately, making up the LO didnt go as smoothly as planned which leads me to my lesson learned for yesterday....

.....I used the rest of the paint to cover a Bare Basics box. However, as I did the last time I painted a box, I looked up to find I had spattered the stuff everywhere....including on the LO which I had not moved far enough away!!!!!! That is definately what I would call a reoccuring lesson! And one, I don't think I will learn in any particular hurry lol.
(It didnt ruin it too much thankfully.....just a little adjustment here and a carefully placed sticker there!!!!!)


  1. Love the LO and all the embellishments....my problem tends to be the opposite of yours....I constantly overdose on embellishments....and am trying to be more minimal.

  2. What a lovely layout! I'm a fellow classmate in Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class. Looking forward to your posts!