Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 more sleeps...

Poll: The Waters Of Mars is almost upon us! So which of the tenth Doctor's adventures is your favourite?

A link to the SFX magazine website where they are running a poll on which is your fav. Tennant episode. Since I am all about Dr Who this week (and in danger of boring the boss and work colleagues), thought this may appeal to some people. My only problem is the is not big enough. Also, it is very hard. I opted for Human Nature/Family of Blood but Blink is another fav and I also enjoyed Girl in the Fireplace. Still, I am sure they will all be surpassed by the final 3 episodes......Xmas and New Year is looking very depressing for me lol

Talking of Dr Who, it reminds me that of the minibook that I tried to start about the Exhibition in Earls Court that I took the Uncle and Nephew to last year.

Now, I like the first page. It is the first 'cluttered' page I have done (well, cluttered for me anyway). Unfortunately, the next couple of pages were not as successful. The idea was to make the book in the shape of the Tardis. I am still working on that idea, just suffering with starters nerves. Unfortunately, terrible indecision clouds my scrapping judgement so much sometimes that LOs can sit on the desk for months before they are assembled. I think the colours bothered me....I really want a Tardis blue...which I dont if anyone has any ideas..?

Oh, although I am sure you have noticed, the page is 6x12. That dimension was discussed in the Oct 08 Scrapbook Inspirations mag, I think, and is what gave me the inspiration for the Tardis idea. So, thanks to them for that.


  1. oh, what happened there? Nice big gap that shouldnt be there. Oops!

  2. oooh, love your tardis page! I'm attempting 6x12 for JYC this year and need to trawl back through SI mags for inspiration.. will check out oct 08 for starters!

    good luck with JYC!