Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Decluttering the brain

I have been wondering why I blog the last few days since when I come to type, I dont seem to know what to say.  I am not one for a lot of chat unless I am in the mood and I never feel that I have much too say.  I know I intended to chat here about crafty stuff but since I have done so little, I have not wanted to jump on here and moan about that either.  However, I just posted a comment to Gem here stating that I make copius lists in my head and never write them down. Thats when it hit me.......that is what my blog is for.  Why do I plan loads of things in my head and never write them down?  Why am I so scared of journalling?  Surely, this is the best place to be practising and remembering everything?  Ok, so I have finally learnt what the whole reason for BLS was I have not joined the new class yet....low on funds till pay day but maybe it took so long beause I have too much in my head!!

So, I will start with this....

                                                                                                        .....which is my spare room. Which the inlaws have to sleep in, in app 3 weeks! And, I dont mind telling you that it actually looks a lot worse at the moment as the last few bits got pulled out of my craft room today, ready for the plumber tomorrow.
I think I could cry because it looks so much.  I was going to start tomorrow but I foolishly picked up an extra shift..well, I will only get in the plumbers way.....and I can always use the extra money to buy more stash :) . My plan is to go through everything and box up all the stash that I dont use.  The boss thinks I should put it in the attic where, I dont know since it is filled with books and other stuff that we cannot fit around the house!!!  whereas I think that I should either sell it on ebay or give it to my workplace...I know one of the units makes cards with the service users to sell.  So, I guess I can think about that tomorrow. In the meantime, I have to find the time to get the room sorted before they arrive and I do not trust the boss because he will chuck most of it out.....he just doesn't understand why I need to keep empty boxes/bottle/ripped magazine pages lol. 

Other things I need to get out of my head now before it explodes.....
1. make sure the boss mows the lawn b4 the weekend so we can spend some time outside with the neighbours.
2. arrange a time to meet K for our date with Winnie the Pooh on Friday (woo hoo)
3. go and see the parents
4. try and find something that fits me b4 the wedding that I am going to on Thursday
5. start walking more then I wouldn't have the above problem!
6. breath.........lol

Now, I feel a bit lighter already lol.  Thanks Gem for that and for the lovely comment on my last post...although I dont think FIL will think of the camera so that will have to wait till I fly over in a few months!

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  1. That room certainly looks like a challenge, maybe make a list to break it down? Lists are always good :)