Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Isnt blogland wonderful.  It is as if it really makes you open your eyes.  I read this post (as I am sure many other classmates did) from Gem last week, which made me smile as I sure remember the Eddie lorries.  Well, having not seen one in Ireland for the 7 years I have been here, imagine that since reading Gems post, I saw 1 last week and 4....yes 4 today. I have to say, it made me smile and it is great to be reminded of a part of my life that is so new and exciting.

As for goals, my shift patterns have changed to spilts recently. A bit of a pain, but hell, it is a great opportunity to kick start my exercise again.  I am a bit lazy about walking at home as I dont like the walk much near me.  I have a 3 hour break between shifts now so it is the perfect time to get back into it.

2 shifts to go, 2 walks done.  Feel very fit   :)

O, and Gem, I managed to see the names of 2...Isabelle Rose and Rebecca Phoebe


  1. Split shifts are such a pain! Great to see you pulling a positive from them :-)

  2. Popping over from bfs :) Gr8 2 meet u and ur fab blog!

  3. Hi Jayne,
    Sorry for not commenting sooner, but I've been out of blogland for a couple of days. I was so surprised, and pleased that you liked by blog post enough to link to it in yours. So are you keeping note of the names? I saw a wierd and wonderful one called Demi Jai today!