Monday, November 2, 2009

Finished at last!

Had to post this picture. Have been stitching this for my Uncle, who fell in love with it after I 'dragged' him to the Stitch and Craft show in Olympia earlier this year. I said I would have it ready by September, as he was coming over for my wedding. How i misjudged my stitching speed!!! However, not by much as I got the last bit done yesterday. Woo hoo. Loved doing it but when u set ur self a time scale, how awful that it can occasionally become a chore. Still, love the result and now I can only hope that the postal strike doesnt get worse so Uncle can get it framed before I fly home for the next show!

Prompt one
This post actually highlights exactly what I want from my blog. A place to ramble on about some exciting new way to thread a needle or get giddy over a shiny piece of paper that would 'look great on this LO I am doing' without getting strange or pitying looks. The boss does try, bless him, but I have had to resort to sneaking in the stationary *rubbish* that the girls are giving me at work (all with questioning 'what will u do with it' looks....have given up explaining, may just direct the here lol).

(O, and thanks for all comments so far girls. I am working till Weds morning but will defo catch up on everyones blogs that afternoon. Can't wait, that should get me through the shift nicely.)

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  1. very nice. completing a project is always an accomplishment!