Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anyone fancy a swim?

I don't know how we managed it but my estate managed to get flooded after the rain stopped! Still, the boss said it had to go somewhere. I know that we are very lucky. We are not as badly affected as those in Galway, Cork or Cumbria but is still a massive inconvenience!
The pub is getting flooded as well. They are now a riverside pub lol. Shame I am going to miss out on the fun of the clean up as off to work soon :(

Kel, this wedding pic is for u. Not one of the official ones. I have yet to scan them as my aunt who took them is not finished with the disc yet. But this one was sent to me courtesy of a friend (thanks esther) and I thought it rather good. This is before the converse, hence why I am clinging onto the boss for dear life lol

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